To be the number one beauty and healthcare company Producing pure and natural products with high technology & quality.


To fulfill dreams and achieve goals through well election of our employees, products, distributors & systems.

Zino Group consist of 6 companies, each one carries out business under the name Zino in different industrial areas, operating independently, though supervised by Zino company management which defines common values, goals and strategies for the entire Group.


  1. Zino Pharma Ltd

Established in 1996.

Food Supplement, functional cosmetics and health care products.

Primarily, we take pride in the consistency and never compromise with the “Quality” of our Products, manufactured by the crème de la crème specialists using the latest in the market Technology, elegantly packed and sold at affordable prices.

Main business: Food supplement.

Producers and Exporters of consumer products all over Europe, and in bulk to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Producers of innovating, superior cosmetic products, targeting a special section of the personal care industry.

Remarkable fact

Zino Pharma Ltd holds worldwide patent to 2021 of two innovative products.

  1. Zero salt ( Anti-hypertensive salt )
  2. Instant Glucosamine powder.

These products contain only full natural raw material, and are produced under the highest ECO friendly standardization level in compliance with German specifications.

  1. Zino Food Industries Ltd

Zino Food Industries Ltd is the manufacturer and producer of high quality non-traditional food products targeting specific customers.

  1. Zero salt

Other highly selling products in the same category are:

  1. Zero Fat (fat absorbent).
  2. Zino Honey (For Diabetics).
  3. Diet sweetener.

In addition to Zino Food Industries Ltd is the producer of Zino Coffee, Instant and functional.

Special Message

Our Instant Coffee is by 7.7% richer, taster, and creamer   ( 0thers only 5.5% )

Our Instant Coffee 20g. sachets are produced by high grade material ( others only 10-15g.max )

Zino Coffee Gold is an outstanding product that contains curcumae and zingibaris, both herbal ingredients well known for their protective qualities against different Allergies, Arthritis and


Zino Food Industries Ltd also producers different other types of Instant coffees such as:

Cappuccino, Vanilla-, Mocha and Caramel flavors, which are supplied to their other partner Companies and franchised coffee shops.

It has to be said that Zino food Industries Ltd is successfully growing and proud to have many certificates issued by health, environmental and various other industrial organizations.

Mega event

The green side of Cola

As the group’s elevation growth is continuous, our team of experts have very recently signed agreements as the sole under license producers/distributors for the entire Middle east and Gulf areas of a Greek carbonated beverage drink trading as Green Cola.

Green Cola is recommended for Diabetics, harmless, healthier and more over innocent Cola for all the family – unlike other Colas.

We give prior concern and respect to consumers as their habits are changing, becoming more health conscious and Greener.


Green Cola is a premium product of natural profile that combines flavor with naturally sourced


The GREEN line brings a range of innovative attributes:

0% sugar – without unnecessary calories

0% aspartame

0% preservatives

0% phosphoric acid

No sodium cyclamate

Sweeteners from Stevia plant

Natural flavorings

Natural source of caffeine extracted from green coffee beans

Green Cola is a local response to the global experience. An innovative and unique premium beverage for people who enjoy healthy life full of energy and wellness.

  1. Zino Tech Industries Ltd

Zino Tech specializes and manufactures innovative high tech medical devices and products.

These items are factory-made affording using the latest design techniques.

They are composed out of the most recently advanced materials while the functionality is controlled by the latest computer software’s.

Most recent products:

  • Zino scope a portable wireless stethoscope connectable to any laptop.
  • Zino Techno map patient monitor.
  • Zino life Defibrillator
  • Zino Bite LED Mouth light device for dental clinics.
  • ICU monitors.

We are Zino Group. Our team has highly skilled and experienced geeks who share passion and desire for new industry, of bringing better quality and unique products.

Neuer Markt 32 D-49377 Vechta,

email: info@zinogermany.com
Tel. + 49 (4441) 9990422
Fax. + 49 (4441) 9990442


About Zino

Zino Company has come a very long way ever since it was established in 1997 by a Family located in Bremen, North Germany and in the same year announced as a limited liability company, Zino Group.