Application Method

 Application Method


Roll up the protective cover (stockinette) into the shape of a hoop and wear it in the affected extremity in the way that a sock is put. It should be considered that at the end of the process there’s required a space of 5cm for each extreme, that it will be fold over the mold.

Then the ZINO CAST out from its packing, it is rolled up also in the shape of hoop, should submerge it in 20° C. water, for 2 or 3 seconds. It should be put in the extremity that is going to be treated, on the protective cover of the skin. And a space of 5 cm should be left without covering each extreme of the protective cover of the skin.

Thus same, fold the extremes of the stockinette that remain discovered on the ZINO CAST mold, covering through the edges of the mold. In next, mold gently with hands the ZINO CAST to smooth the surface. 
Then should accommodate the patient in the position required for the processing for 10 minutes, while the ZINO CAST mold gets hardened.


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