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Welcome To ZINO Group. Germany

Zino Company has come a very long way ever since it was established in 1997 by a Family located in Bremen, North Germany and in the same year announced as a limited liability company, Zino Group.

The group has grown from a family concern business to a sizable enterprise with capital expenditures amounted to 200 million Euro, R&D expenses 30 million remarkable achievement.

This was made possible after having identified the needs of today’s multi enterprising , fast and dynamic changing globalize world where human progress is normally measured in terms of technological advancements, standards of value preferences, habits, and methods of work are constantly changing.

We are a company composed of more than 120 dedicated, devoted and innovative team with long track records and extensive experience in business opportunities.

The group was ideally formed in order to fulfill the continuous demand for an all-encompassing organization, that will competently cater to the increasing aspirations for a total approach and opening of new horizons in business affairs.

To keep abreast of all these developments the successful modern and creative businessman has to plan

And “foresee” the future.

We are living in a world of mass communications media, modern telecommunications and fast travel have changed national boundaries / Frontiers and free trade between Nations is the accepted system of doing business.


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