Zino coffee started in 2005 as a premium instant coffee range manufactured by Zino food industries producing a full range instant coffee made from the highest quality and natural ingredients ranging from the regular 3in1 to new and innovative products like our new coffee with fruit flavors not to forget our unique packages that is convenient for the consumer. In fact it has become the light house of Zino Group. This has been achieved by observing and researching of various coffees from all over the world and finally produced these special and irresistible blends to satisfy almost every coffee drinker’s taste

Our coffee

we’ve always believed in producing the best coffee possible, making sure that all of our coffee is grown under the highest standards of quality using ethical sourcing process. Our coffee experts personally travel to coffee farms in Latin America, Africa and Asia to select the highest quality Arabica beans. Once these quality beans arrive at our roasting plants the roasting process is carried away by our experts who dedicated their lives for reaching the perfect coffee roast that zino coffee is famous for. We follow strict quality control process to insure our products are always reaching our customers in perfect condition which is what our customers expect from our unique brand

1 K.G Coffee bags Suitable for coffee shops and cafeterias

Different Sizes, fit your needs


We are Zino Group. Our team has highly skilled and experienced geeks who share passion and desire for new industry, of bringing better quality and unique products.

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About Zino

Zino Company has come a very long way ever since it was established in 1997 by a Family located in Bremen, North Germany and in the same year announced as a limited liability company, Zino Group.