The ZINO SCOPE(Wireless Digital Stethoscope) allows diagnosing patients conveniently at any time and any where, and it servers advanced sound quality and objected diagnosing information about heart & lung sounds.
The ZINO SCOPE(Wireless Digital Stethoscope) is very useful and valuable in clinical medicine, and is a necessary device for home health care and u-health system.

Allow a simple and easy use regardless of time and place
Designed for usability and portability perfectly
Help your accurate diagnosis with 3 types auscultation mode(Bell, Diaphragm, Wide).
Remove the inconvenience of battery replacement by built-in large capacity Lithum-Ion rechargeable battery
Allow visual monitoring, display, recording and analysis using included analysis software
Be used as a Diagnosis aids as clinical medicine, medical education, and u-health parts.
High speed sound data transmission (4Mbps) using GFSK modulation.
Simple and easy use regardless of time and place.
Excellent noise reduction for auscultation.
Accurate diagnosis with 3 mode(Bell, Diaphragm, Wide).
Ergonomic design which is portable and convenient.
Automatic data analysis, data storage and sound recording, replay, edit functions.
The abnormal sounds detection and display using LCR algorithm.
Application parts
Clinical Diagnosis
Medical Education
Emergency Vehicles
u-Health System / Home Health care


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About Zino

Zino Company has come a very long way ever since it was established in 1997 by a Family located in Bremen, North Germany and in the same year announced as a limited liability company, Zino Group.