The ZINO CASTis a tubular hybrid mesh, or sleeve, woven of an elastic yarn and an impregnable yarn.
The ZINO CAST is treated with a hardening agent to create a cast for orthopedics and other fields of medicine. Although the term sleeve is used, the ZINO CAST can be made in various diameters for use on different parts of the body other than an arm or leg. A cast using the ZINO CAST can be built by a personnel without a special training about traditional “wrapping” method. The ZINO CAST is a breathable cast with comfortable edges and minimal irregularities.


A. Unique construction
The ZINO CAST is completely different from other bandage-type products, the ZINO CAST is stocking-type. The ZINO CAST is produced with a hybrid mesh that weaved by peculiar fabric with breathing holes, it gives a great ventilation for most patients that suffer by itchiness and bad odors.

B. Unique application
The ZINO CAST can be easily placed as socks in the feet. Traditional casts typically depend upon skilled medical personnel, manually wrapping and building a cast, sometimes causing injury due to the indented surface of the cast. The ZINO CAST has the advantage of elasticity for the time of the application and the patients will not have injury after the application. Also, it is comfortable to wear thanks to its skin protector.

C. Easy to mold
The ZINO CAST has a multidirectional straightening like a sock, easily wrapping and forming contours of the human body, especially prominences of the bones and junctions as elbows, ankles, heels, etc., and do not fold or generate duplicities.


D. Excellent penetration of X-rays

Since it provides an excellent penetration of the X-rays, thephysician or the specialist can verify the condition of the healing bone at any moment with the cast placed. Therefore, it is very economic and efficient for the process of the
bone healing.


E. Durability for the security

The ZINO CAST provides the force, inflexibility and lightness that one should expect from the polyester fabrics. The ZINO CAST is 10 times lighter than the conventional plaster cast and weighs 2 times less than the fiberglass cast.
The ZINO CAST is a resistant product, with edges difficult to get deformed and it’s also long-lasting.
Thus, the finished ZINO CAST does not break by imposed impacts in the surface or in the edges of its mold that are smooth. This is a factor of security improved, particularly for the child patients, which can save time compared to those traditional casts.

F. Better hygiene

When the ZINO CAST gets wet, the heat from the body will dry it in approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, the patient has not to worry about the daily shower, bath or swimming. Also, thanks to its ventilation, the ZINO CAST prevents bad odors and inconveniences in the skin.
Avoids any complication caused by the humidity.

G. Easy withdrawal

The withdrawal can be done with any electrical oscillatory orthopedic cutter.

H. Environmentally friendly
Existing casts, made from glass fiber or plaster, are certainly an inconvenience for their disposal. The ZINO CAST produces considerably much less dust than other products during its withdrawal. Also ZINO CAST can be easily disintegrated by incineration, without the need to bury it, as is in the case for fiberglass casts.


K8600025 2inch X 25cm Short Arm 1. Polyeter Cotton Yarn
2. Polyolefin Cotton Yarn
3. Hardner
K8601025 2inch X 35cm Short Leg
K8602025 2inch X 45cm Long Arm
K8603025 2inch X 60cm Long Leg
K8604025 3inch X 35cm Short Arm
K8605025 3inch X 45cm Short Leg
K8606025 3inch X 50cm P.T.B (Up to Knee)
K8607025 3inch X 55cm Long Arm
K8608025 3inch X 70cm Long Leg
K8609025 4inch X 55cm Short Leg
K8610025 4inch X 60cm P.T.B (Up to Knee)
K8611025 4inch X 90cm Long Leg

– There are two types of skin protectors which are with or without thumb fingers covering for the both short arm
and long arm


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